среда, 7 апреля 2010 г.

First ideas for Social media conference.

The Question: How do you see YOUR use of social media tools supporting concrete social change?

I think no one can change something in global, but each of us can do something local. But there is another problem too. You can’t make somebody to listen to what you say if they aren’t interested in it, even if you try to make them sure that if they listen they will become involved in it. But……
For example I can ask my friends, which can use internet, to listen to me, and I am sure that they will do it. And after listening me, they will understand that using web 2.0 tools will make their life easier, they will be able to find what they want, and what is interesting them. And I will be able to teach them how to express their opinion, and how to find people which have the same interests. And I will do it, and I am sure they will be glad and grateful to me, for “opening their eyes”. And I will be happy if ever one of them pass this knowledge to only one person, and I hope that after some time big part of students of our school will be able to use Web 2.0 technologies and express their opinion by help of blog or some social webs.
The second step will be making trainings by the help of my friends for that part of our school society which isn’t interested at Web at all, and on their real example I will be able to show changes that have happened in their life. And how we all know REAL example is great power, and THIS will be able to make them to think about using Social media for Social change ( expressing their opinion and making in life their ideas)

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  1. Well said, Martin!

    And you are the FIRST DOTCOM'er to complete your post.


    Dr. W